Month 0 of the Journey: Starting out into a bright, beautiful world, together

Month 0 of the Journey: Starting out into a bright, beautiful world, together

There's a fire that burns deep down in me. The kind of fire that will never go out and will always shine towards the world I want to help create. A world where people love, support, and care for each other. A world where every child grows up safe, nurtured, and supported.

An integral part of that dream is enabled through education, and in particular, teaching. I write those concepts separately, because there's something very special in the act of teaching. The act that connects the teacher and the learner and frames that passage of knowledge and experience.

Maureen and I (hi! I'm Oliver) have spent the past few years (5 for her, 2 for me) at Khan Academy, building products and systems that lead us closer to giving a free, world-class education to everyone, everywhere. Our time there, combined with our backgrounds in education (both traditional and not), has greatly impacted the way an individual learner can access education. Something we're ready to focus on now is the lives of teachers themselves.

Teachers do wonderful things. Their jobs are hugely impactful, but also incredibly difficult. How do you cultivate a culture of positive-thinking, growth-mindset, and social emotional progress while juggling grading, tests, and parents?

We want to help. Making the lives of teachers easier is what we're here to do. We think there's an opportunity for technology to greatly help classrooms by amplifying what a teacher can do, so that's where we're going to start!

Starting a company is so exciting and terrifying in the best possible way. Maureen and I are taking the plunge. I can't imagine someone better to travel with on this journey. 

Here's to making the lives of teachers easier!